The Expendables 2 Gets a PG-13 Rating because Chuck Norris Said so

Chuck Norris just went from the Universe’s biggest bada*s to its biggest toolbox by forcing The Expendables 2 to have a PG-13 rating.  Supposedly he told the film’s creators that he wouldn’t work the gig unless they cleaned up the language to make it PG-13.  Surprisingly enough they caved and one of the manliest action franchises of all-time will now cater to the masses of pussies out there who think swear words yield serial killers.

Seriously Chuck?  I think this guy takes his urban legend too seriously and doesn’t understand that we’re all making fun of him.  Last time I checked The Expendables franchise isn’t a movie intended for families to go see on a Sunday afternoon, so why alter its formula for one washed up actor?  Will having Chuck in the sequel actually yield more sales?  For me his inclusion in the project may be a deterrent because of his insistence on having a wussy rating applied to a movie about guys who kill other guys.

If TE2 doesn’t feature some over-the-top killing sequences it’ll be a bomb in my eyes.  F*ck you Chuck, and f*ck you to whoever caved to his demands!  We’ve lost another manly movie franchise to the almighty dollar, so more people can go and see it.  You’ve been thinking that Chuck Norris couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag…


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