The Expendables Is Expendable Based On Its Cinema Sins

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The CinemaSins YouTube channel is bringing the pain with its critique of The Expendables. It should come as no surprise that most actions films exaggerate a little bit when it comes to stunts, but that’s why most people love them. Sometimes you just want to see a movie with good fight scenes and explosions, that’s it, no love stories, no drama; just pure adrenaline fueled action.

The always critical folks over at CinemaSins have made sure to dissect every ass kicking scene from The Expendables, and broke down where the film went wrong. When put under a microscope it’s hard not to shred a film, but we all know that regardless of its sins, The Expendables is still a kick-ass flick full of gnarly kill shots and bro-dom. Head on down below to see just how sinful the movie was.


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