The Fight on Titan from Avengers: Infinity War Gets Remade With 16-bit Video Game Animations

John Stratman, the world’s greatest 8 and 16-bit pop-culture-everything-remaker, has crafted his longest remake yet with a 16-bit reimagining of the fight on Titan between Thanos, the Avengers, and the Guardians of the Galaxy from Avengers: Infinity War. In particular, it’s the battle where Star-Lord screws everything up after he learns about Gamora’s fate.

These remakes are usually quick, but this one is over 10-minutes long because it shows off the fight in pure 16-bit form, and then it compares it with the actual footage from the movie. The remake is pretty amazing considering it had to be fully recreated using video game assets and animations, which have to require painstaking work to nail the details. If anything, it made me miss the days of retro games, because I’d love to play this video game if it were real.

Head on up above to check out the awesomeness. If you just want to skip to the comparison, you can jump to the 5:00 minute mark.


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