The Five Best Mac OS X Games On Steam

The ever-popular Steam platform has long been the be all end all of PC gaming’s digital distribution. Valve, creators of Steam, made headlines across the video game world when they announced that their platform would integrate games with Mac OS X functionality. As a sign of the changing times for computer users, Apple’s machines have becoming increasingly popular and Steam’s library of Mac-compatible games have grown exponentially since the initial addition in 2010.

In the three years that have passed since the inclusion of Mac OS X games, Steam’s selection now nears one thousand titles. While this number is shadowed by the massive amounts of titles for PC users, navigating Steam and selecting the best of the Mac section can be no small task. The list below examines the best of the Mac OS X titles currently available for Steam. There is sure to be something for everyone.

Author’s Note: Many of the games included in this list also support PC and Linux functionality*

5) Hotline Miami:


Dennaton Games’ frantic, neo-80’s inspired, ‘top-down **** ‘em up’ is one of the best games to come out of the burgeoning indie scene in recent years. From the games addicting, yet thoroughly challenging gameplay to the sheer variety of weapons and brutal violence presented in pixelated format, Hotline Miami is an absolute trip.

Perfect for those who want to pick up a game to let some aggression out, Hotline Miami offers plenty of replayability and runs exceptionally well on Mac devices.

4) Sid Meier’s Civilization V:


The Civilization franchise has been at the top of many strategy enthusiasts’ lists of best games in the genre. Civ V, the latest in the series, is a great entry point for those new to Civilization and provides for countless hours of enjoyment. The thrill of raising a nation from the dawn of time all the way through the modern period is an experience that few other games can come close to.

As a standalone, Civilization V has a lot to offer, but picking up the game’s expansions, Gods & Kings and Brave New World adds tons of new features and additional content.

3) System Shock 2:


System Shock 2 is one of the few games than any self-respecting video game fan must play. The immersive, intense game world and masterfully written script provide for a thrilling role-playing experience that is best played to understand.

While System Shock 2 has aged graphically, overhaul mods are readily available for the game and can bring the game closer to modernity’s standards. Those looking for a deep and unforgettable experience need to look no further than System Shock 2.

2) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic:


The Star Wars franchise has captured the imaginations of millions for decades now, and KotOR is perhaps the greatest video game entry into the intergalactic world. KotOR is another brilliant example of deep role-playing that never gets old. Filled with tough choices and unforgettable consequences, Knights of the Old Republic is a Star Wars experience that even those who aren’t fans of the movies would be remiss for skipping out on.

1) Half-Life 2:


Valve’s gift to the gaming masses, Half-Life 2 has long been considered one of the greatest video games ever conceived. Gordon Freeman’s tale is one that will echo through the video game history books long after we walk the Earth.

Loved for its epic plot and tight gameplay, as well as it’s memorable cast of characters, Half-Life 2 is what all first-person shooters should aspire to be. Half-life 2, and its iconic crowbar wielding main character, is quite possible the best game one could get for their Mac right now. Even though it was released some years ago, Half-Life 2 still looks great thanks to Valve’s Source Engine and plays wonderfully on almost any machine.

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