As if the video game world didn’t already have countless reasons to be excited for Polish developer CD Projekt RED’s upcoming epic, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the game’s opening cinematic was released earlier today, showcasing just how astounding the game has potential to be.

Running just shy of two minutes, Wild Hunt’s opening cinematic is arguably one of the best the video game industry has ever seen, raising the bar and setting the standard for all developers and games to follow.

Fans of Geralt’s past adventures and newcomers to the world of The Witcher alike are destined to be captivated by the impressive cinematic. If there was any reason not eager for the game already, Wild Hunt’s cinematic has enough going on in it to pique the interest of even the most stoic gamer.

Below, the five best parts of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s opening cinematic can be found. The points raised below represent some of the cinematic’s highest and most intriguing points, further preparing us for the game’s launch early next year.

5) Stunning Visuals:


CD Projekt RED has always been known for its ability to produce games with boundary-pushing graphics. Of course, the CGI cinematic, is not indicative of the game’s actual graphics, but regardless, each and every second of the opening video is a visual treat to the fullest.

4) Character Design:


The Witcher franchise is one of the best examples of a fantasy video game series that takes inspiration from real-world history. This is perfectly shown in the opening cinematic, as each and every character featured balances both low fantasy designs with medieval-inspired elements.

Adding on to this, Wild Hunt’s opening cinematic boasts some of the most impressively modeled characters we’ve ever seen in a game. There is no denying that the character models and designs are strikingly lifelike in the opening cinematic, immediately making the viewer feel as though they are directly placed into the action.

3) Orchestral Score:


Call me what you will, but I am an absolute sucker for musical scores in video games. As such, I was absolutely thrilled by the beautiful music that accompanied The Witcher 3’s opening cinematic.

A near-perfect mix of fantasy themed horns and a driving drum beat, combined with haunting and beautiful chanting are overlaid throughout the cinematic, adding a somber yet entrancing air to the video as a whole

2) An Aged Geralt:


The Witcher’s protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, is one of gaming’s most intriguing characters. The grizzled Witcher has lived a full life full of combat, romance and everything in between, adding a level of world weariness to his persona.

Geralt has begun to age in Wild Hunt, and his older look is exciting to see in the opening cinematic. After such an exciting journey throughout the first two Witcher games, seeing the storied hero’s final chapter come to a close as he ages is a wonderful way to add closure.

1) The Raven Kill:


As a mature fantasy series, The Witcher titles have never been afraid to shy away from darker themes and violence. The Wild Hunt’s opening cinematic carries this tradition onward, with one of the most absurdly amazing kills in a long time.

As the mysterious sorceress Yennefer finds herself in grave danger, she uses her impressive mastery of spells and sorcery to take out an advancing adversary in the best way possible. Summoning her skills, Yennefer commands a raven to fly into her enemy’s eye. As it burrows into his skull, viewers are privy to his shock, fear and disgust in the moments before the bird blasts through the back of his head in an explosion of skull fragments, blood and hair.

It’s gory and violent and utterly amazing to watch.


What other parts of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s opening cinematic did you enjoy the most? Sound off in the comment section below.


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