The Five Most Disappointing Video Games Of All Time

Few things are more satisfying than finally getting to sit down with a video game that you have been eagerly waiting to play for months. That feeling of popping the game’s disk into your system of choice, clutching the controller, and finally getting to delve into the world you have been pining over is something that only video game fans can explain.

However, unfortunately not all games live up to the high expectations that often surround their releases. For every game that truly lives up to its potential, there are a couple that absolutely miss their mark. Be it a simple case of over hyping an unfinished product, to game systems that downright are broken, or even just a game being inexcusably horrible, some games just leave a terrible taste in people’s mouths.

The five games below represent the most disappointing game ever conceived; releasing these games on the public is a crime against video game fans.

5) APB: All Points Bulletin:


APB had the distinct potential to be the culmination of every childhood game of cops on robbers played on a huge multiplayer scale the likes of which had never been seen.

The urban sandbox MMO vision of APB initially had plenty of people excited and the game seemed to have some serious potential. However, players quickly realized that what they were promised and expecting was anything but what APB turned out to be.

APB was marred by a ludicrously long review embargo, rough around the edges gameplay, and a business model that couldn’t support the less-than-stellar amount of players in the game. APB eventually shut down, eventually re-opening its virtual doors in the form of a Free-to-Play title on Steam.

4) Silent Hill: Downpour:


The downfall of the Silent Hill franchise is without a doubt one of gaming’s saddest and most cautionary tales. No game in the series has made it apparent how far the Silent Hill name has fallen than 2012’s Silent Hill: Downpour.

Downpour’s initial announcement had many longtime fans of the franchise excited, as the game appeared to be brimming with potential. The game’s release, however, was disappointed to say the least.

Downpour took a decided different approach than other Silent Hill games in terms of the game’s increased focus on combat that left many fans scratching their heads. Silent Hill’s notorious history of deep-rooted psychological horror was eschewed in terms of monster design, favoring instead poorly inspired evil beings. These poor creations, made worse through their often poor pathing issues, made for a wholly ‘un-scary’ experience.

3) Lair:


Video game fans have had a very long love affair with dragons. This love affair was one of the biggest factors leading to the excitement around the PlayStation 3’s early title, Lair.

Lair’s concept of dragon-based combat, gorgeous graphics and the promise of a revolutionary control scheme piqued the interest of early PS3 adopters, as the system lacked few truly great games early in its life.

The great graphics of Lair were by no means enough to draw attention away from the game’s absolutely dismal controls. Lair’s attempts to utilize the Six Axis motion control were nothing short of terrible, ultimately leading the game to be one of the biggest flops of the current console generation.

2) Metroid: Other M:

other m

Few games inspire a cult-like level of adoration like that of Metroid titles. The long-running franchise has thousands upon thousands of die-hard fans that love almost everything about the series – expect for Other M.

Metroid: Other M’s 2010 release on the Wii was met with polarizing reviews. Other M received positive marks in terms of its gameplay elements that felt true when compared to the Metroid standards, but was ripped apart for its terrible storytelling.

Other M attempted to take the beloved Samus Aran and paint her in a whole new light. Entwined between terrible, lengthy cut scenes and an egregiously bad script, Samus’ depiction felt decidedly flat and, in some cases, sexist. Other M could have been special, but instead turned into a disappointment.

1) Too Human:


Silicone Knights’ Too Human was, in many ways, doomed from the start. The game went through an unbelievably long development process that started with plans for a PlayStation release, but was ultimately pushed back and debuted on the Xbox 360.

A lengthy development wasn’t the only problem with Too Human, as the game is notorious for the controversy surrounding it infamous legal issues. Too Human, despite being fairly well received for its unique blend of science-fiction and European mythology, was the subject of intense controversy for the legal battle between the developers and Epic.

Too Human, ultimately, caused Silicon Knights millions of dollars due to Epic’s claim of unlicensed use of the Unreal Engine. This action led to every copy of Too Human being recalled and eventually destroyed, wiping what could have been a truly imaginative game from the video game history books.

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