‘The Flame in the Flood’ Careens Toward the Switch

Ever since The Flame in the Flood released on Steam back in 2016 (we’ve got a review for that), the game has been making moves from platform to platform. PlayStation 4 owners have been able to try their hand at The Flame in the Flood‘s procedural test of survival since January (we’ve got a review for that, too). Come October 12, Switch owners will be granted the same opportunity.

Not much seems to have changed and, honestly, that’s a great thing. When I wasn’t bleeding out from getting gored by a boar, I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the river.

If you’re planning on picking up The Flame in the Flood, let me recommend one thing: turn up the volume. This won’t only help you survive (audio cues are crucial); more importantly, this allows your ears to be swooned by the pleasing sounds of Chuck Ragan. He’s a singer/songwriter of Hot Water Music fame with plenty of solo material, including a completely original soundtrack for The Flame in the Flood. It’s good.

Like, really good. So good I’m going to put it right here:

Check out the launch trailer above! Have you played The Flame in the Flood already, or are you looking to pick it up on the Switch? Maybe both? I wouldn’t blame you. Let us know in the comments below!


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