The French Open A Video Game Museum – Not Beat!

The French get a pretty bad rap around the world, but one thing they’re good at is displaying human culture for the masses to see.  Taking a departure from the more esteemed collections and museums you may find in Paris, the La Musée du Jeu Vidéo, which translates to a really fancy way of saying Video Game Museum, opened its doors on April 14th.

Now this sounds like a reason for any gamer, or pop-culture aficionado, to finally make a trip to the country epitomized as the single largest collection of assholes.  I don’t know this to be fact, but you have to admit that the people of France don’t have the best rep as far as personalities go.

Some YouTubers have kindly posted a few videos of parts of the museums exhibits, which you’ll find after the break.  Looking at some of these old consoles brings back some memories, like when it was cool to have all of your electronics pimped out with a wood-grain finish.  Could you imagine the PS3 fitted with some sweet 70’s style faux-wood look?  It makes you wonder what people will be saying 30 years from now about our current generation hardware.  I love technology!



You’ve been enlightened, oui???

Via [Joystiq]


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