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The gaming world is one area of technology that is consistently changing. Every year it seems that technologies are advancing and new gaming trends presented. 2013 is no exception to this rule. There are great gaming trends that are taking over the market already and ones that are going to be arriving in the near future. The following explains more about what to watch for, what to expect, and what 2013 is shaping up to look like in the coming year.

Anticipated Games

There are many different game titles that are already being touted for their big expectations in 2013. Among these games creating a buzz are The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto 5. These are two titles that are already being discussed and they are not out for release yet. There are other great titles that are included in this list but these are among the most discussed and are sure to change the way that games are handled this year. Look for new additions that have not been leaked yet as well.


The Xbox franchise is also causing a stir with their new game console offerings. Though a fall release date is anticipated for these new gaming systems, just in time for Christmas of course, the models are being expounded upon with information leaks to the press. Xbox will have two new consoles from which to choose. An individual will find that they have a console that they can use if they are seriously involved in the gaming world and one that is for more casual play. This lends itself to a diversity of product that is still tailored to client and customer needs. The design pictures of the beta tested and not yet mass manufactured devices show that they are small and can be conveniently located on a television or just below it. The controls appear to be similar to designs in the past and both are still offered in the traditional black look with green accents.


The Playstation gaming console system is still highly mysterious and remaining so. There has been little to no information leaked regarding a potential release of a new Playstation system except to say that the name will not follow in numerical order. That is to say that it is likely not going to be the Playstation 4 that is released to markets but, rather, the Playstation Shi. Hints have been made and rumors about that this device will be slimmer and offer controller free play that will allow for an enhanced gaming experience. How enhanced and how it has changed are yet to be determined however. This is both frustrating and yet, highly stirring a buzz.


Ouya is a type of mobile gaming console that has more information provided than the other two mentioned previously. Ouya is an Android based gaming system that prides itself on mobility and compatibility. The goal for this system is to be a gaming console that is easily transferred from location to location without much effort or disassembly. Using simple cord hookups that can quickly be attached to a television, the system is about the size of a coffee mug with easy to use controllers.


The aforementioned gaming platform has special significance in that it highlights a trend that is impacting the market. Gamers can expect to see smaller consoles and more portability in many of the upcoming console offerings. For that reason, individuals need to be prepared to enjoy their games on new devices that allow the gamer to take them wherever they are. It is shaping up to be a very interesting year.


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