The G-Pack May Well Be The Next Big Thing For PC Gamers

The people over at PiixL have something pretty special in their hands, something they feel the PC gaming world needs. Do you ever find yourself wishing for a more discreet setup for your PC? Do you find yourself getting frustrated at messy cables and having to crowd around a computer for the sake of local multiplayer? Well the developers of the new and exciting and incredible innovative G-Pack do, and they want to make your living room experience that bit more roomy.

Steam recently introduced Big Picture mode to home computers which in turn has taken gaming on the big screen by storm. A nice console-like layout has helped a hardcore system to connect with those who prefer console simplicity, by offering simple navigation using a controller and a friendly layout. The G-Pack appears to be another Steambox kind of deal, but a bit more special in the way that it tucks neatly behind your existing television as if it were not there at all.

The G-Pack offers consumers 4 choices when buying. The most basic is a simple chassis which gamers will be able to fully customize with parts in order to make their ultimate living room PC. The other options are 3 different configurations in a ready-made G-Pack. The configurations available on PiixL’s Kickstarter page are shown below as well as the various other pledge options available.



If having a high performance PC hidden away behind your amazing 4K TV sounds like something you would be interested in, then check out PiixL’s Kickstarter for the project and consider backing.

Check the gallery below for some screenshots of the G-Pack in all its sleek glory.


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