Do you like to play games?  Do you like to have cutting edge technology?  Do you like to drink too much?  If you answered yes to these questions then Nvidia’s Kegputer is right up your alley.  Nvidia debuted this gaming rig for drunks at CES last week, and it truly is an awesome looking device if you can’t walk 10ft to your fridge for a cold one while gaming.  With the Kegputer, WoW players can now literally sit in front of their PC all day long without the need to get up for a refill.  With some adult diapers they wouldn’t even need to move period.  Check out this Frankenstein rig below.  It kind of looks like if R2-D2 got pimped out for a rave with glow sticks and all.  You’ve always wanted your PC to produce some suds…


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