The Golden Girls Funko POP! Figures Coming In July

As a kid growing up my parents enjoyed watching The Golden Girls on television. The genius comedy of that show would end up being something both me and my younger sister would come to appreciate and love. Many, many episodes were watched as a family and I can sincerely say we always felt good afterwards.

And while only Betty White remains from the cast, the legend of that show, the actresses who played those fun-loving, cheesecake-eating gals on TV have transcended well beyond the target audience it initially intended to reach back in the 1980s. I mean think about it, just last year at the TV Land Awards Terry Crews serenaded Betty White live while singing “Thank you for being a friend.”

And now the lore of the Golden Girls goes one step further as Funko has just announced that Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia will be getting their own POP! figures come this July. That Simpsons meme with the guy holding a fistful of cash which reads “Shut up and take my money” comes to mind here. Dear Funko, thank you!



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