‘The Good Life’ Keeps Getting Good-er, Now You Can Be a Dog

Thanks, Swery. I guess transforming into a nocturnal feline along with the entire town of Rainy Woods in order to solve a murder wasn’t enough unabashed creativity for you. If you’re unfamiliar with The Good Life, or Swery, for that matter, then you may want to prepare yourselves by checking out a previously released trailer or two. They constitute most of the information we have on The Good Life, but there’s always something unexpectedly new coming from Swery.

In The Good Life, you transform into a cat at night, along with the townsfolk. But now, apparently, there is another version of the game in development—canines replace felines, and suddenly a swath of cat-hating dog lovers can be heard collectively howling in approval. Welcome to The Good Life – Dog Version.

It’s not just a mere aesthetic change, either. Naomi, the game’s protagonist, is granted different abilities depending on which bestial body you inhabit. Cats are able to climb up to high spots and slip into smaller, more cramped passageways. Dogs, however, are masters at digging holes and following scent trails. In addition to varying abilities, each animal form can find different items than the other—even the interactions with townspeople (and some story beats) will be altered accordingly.

To make things more interesting, both Cat and Dog versions of The Good Life are compatible with one another. You’ll be able to turn into your preferred animal and visit someone else’s town in online multiplayer. Who knows, maybe you can help your canine friend discover the truth behind the town’s murder mystery by slipping into a suspicious area too small for a dog’s body. Or, if you’re a dog, you can just go piss on your friends’ door and scare their sheep. The possibilities seem endless, and I could not be more excited.

Check out the trailer for The Good Life – Dog Version up above. If you like what you see, seriously consider donating to The Good Life‘s Fig campaign to help support its development.

How will you plan on going four-legged? I’m all about the cats, myself.


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