The Graveyard – A Deadly Class Podcast Ep. 229

In this podcast, Ray and I break down the fifth and sixth episodes of this season’s Deadly Class. A lot happens in a matter of hours for Marcus. After ingesting copious amounts of acid and tripping out during the entirety of the gang’s trip to Vegas, he finds himself implicated in two deaths and his former bunkmate turned nightmare is hot on his tail.

While the show focuses on Marcus, Ray and I dicuss our growing affection towards Billy, who continously proves himself time and time again in a variety of ways. His ill-formed–but truthful–relationship advice towards Marcus reminds us that he and the others are still kids and just trying to learn as they go. Even if that learning involves constant beatdowns, stabbings, and bad trips.

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Nick Hershey

The author Nick Hershey

Nick was born and raised in Amish country, has a beard, but isn’t Amish. He’s a fan of winter as long as he’s at the top of a mountain with a board under his feet. He’s an avid sports fan, movie junkie, tv bum, and music enthusiast who still purchases CDs for some reason.