The Harry Potter Movie Universe Gets the Lego Treatment

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The Harry Potter universe has become a juggernaut in the entertainment industry ever since the first book was released. It then went on to cash in on its fame with a series of live-action films based on Rowling’s whimsical cast of muggles and wizards, each being viewed by millions of casual and die hard fans. It’s safe to say that  J. K. Rowling created a real gem when she first sat down to pen the Harry Potter series. Who knew that a story about an orphaned boy wizard would go on to captivate the hearts and minds of both children and adults all over the world?

One fan to be touched by the Potter license is Alice Finch. She used her passion for the franchise to create an impressive Lego Hogwarts castle, as well as other memorable Lego-ized scenes. Finch used 400,000 bricks and took over a year to construct her Lego Harry Potter masterpiece.

Fans of the series will definitely appreciate the work that Alice Finch has created, so head on down past the break to check out a few images from the impressive set. If you want to see more of the set be sure to head over to her Flickr page where she has a whole album dedicated to Lego Harry Potter items. There’s also a time lapse video of Finch setting up her Lego Hogwarts compilation to be viewed at a Con, so you can check that out as well after you view the detailed pictures.

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