The Heroes of Avengers: Infinity War Assemble In Anime-Style Fan Art

Stephen Byrne

Comic book artist Stephen Byrne‏ has an undeniable style when it comes to his brand of comic art. To me, it’s a blend of anime and modern cartoon animation, with a hint of realism in terms of how close his pieces resemble the real life characters they portray. One of his latest creations perfectly showcases this style, as it features a collection of headshots of all of the heroes that are present — well outside of Hawkeye — in Avenger’s: Infinity War.

Each hero is given their own block, which is colored and styled to reflect the characters own visual style from the films. They each look amazing, yet they all feel so familiar because you can sense that actors that they’re based on in the film. It’s as if Byrne waved his magic coloring pencil and turned all of the stars into cartoon versions of themselves. It’s a very eye pleasing piece if anything else.

You can check out the full piece with every character below. If you click on the embedded tweet you can also check out larger versions of each individual character.

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