The Heroines of Each Star Wars Trilogy Get Powerful Commemorative Posters

Andy Fairhurst

The Star Wars universe features three main trilogies that flesh out the tales of the Skywalker family and beyond. They’re set to conclude in 2019 with the release of Star Wars Episode IX, which could spell the end of the Skywalker saga in Star Wars altogether, which is sad to think about, but not too depressing when you consider how many Star Wars projects Disney and Lucasfilm have planned.

Within each trilogy there has been a main cast of heroes. Both males and females from each trilogy stand out, and while the males usually get more credit in Star Wars Episodes I-VI, the females are taking more of a prominent role in Episodes VII-IX. AndyFairhurst is an artist who took on a challenge of immortalizing the main female hero from all three Star Wars trilogies, and his resulting posters are stunningly powerful to say the least. For the Prequels he painted Padme facing off against a legion of Clone Troopers set against the backdrop of Coruscant. For the Originals he naturally painted Leia facing off against a battalion of Stormtroopers set to a Death Star backdrop. Finally, for the new trilogy, he painted Rey facing off against a legion of First Order Troopers set to a Starkiller base backdrop.

Each painting perfectly reflects the strength of the heroine featured in it, while also reflecting a similar theme between the three generations of characters. There just awesome posters that capture the heroines of each Star Wars trilogy in all their glory, so head on down below to check them out.

Make sure to check out AndyFairhurst over on PosterSpy to see more of his excellent work.


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