The High Profile Heroes of ‘Civil War’ Get Their Own Posters

The marketing push for Marvel’s upcoming Captain America: Civil War is going strong two months before the film’s release. It seems like every time you refresh your browser some new images or rumors are floating around, and with good reason. Civil War is poised to be Marvel’s biggest film to date, both in the MCU and in the box office, as one friendship leads to an all out conflict. Actually, “conflict” might be too soft to describe what’s set to take place.

Cap and Iron Man aren’t fighting their battles alone, as each leader has gained a following from other heroes, for better or for worse. The big names have been tossed about in the marketing frenzy, so it’s no surprise at this point as to who is on whose side. With their latest poster release, Marvel gives each hero on each side their own star poster. Whose side are you on?

Click on the pictures in the gallery below to see the full-size, and be sure to check out Captain America: Civil War when it hits theaters on May 6th.


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