The History of Respawn and Titanfall Video, Putting a Face to Greatness

Combat on all levels.
Combat on all levels.

Respawn and their upcoming Sci-fi FPS, Titanfall, have been getting a lot of media attention lately. Respawn are in many ways industry underdogs, created from ex-Activision employees who wanted to create their own IP and have complete control over the project. That project, now known as Titanfall, has gone through a lot of changes during development, and has become in many ways the game Respawn has always wanted to make.

Gameinformer recently posted a video to YouTube highlighting the creation of Respawn and the subsequent process of creating Titanfall. Hearing the team talk about both their rocky origins and joy at the ability to create something that is wholly their own project is enough to make even the most hardened gamer smile.

Check out the video below for the full scoop.

The History of Respawn and Titanfall:

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