The Humble Double Fine Bundle: Great Studio, Great Games, Great Fun


After taking a few weeks off from their much-loved sales, the gang over at Humble Bundle has come back with one of their best offerings yet, this time they’re featuring the games of renowned studio, Double Fine Productions.

Double Fine, for those unaware, is a studio founded by Tim Schafer in 2000. Under the masterful eye of Schafer, the small team at Double Fine has made a handful of amazing games; all of which are noted for their unique and innovated gameplay and great blend of wit and heartfelt emotion in their writing.

The Double Fine Bundle features four amazing games. Costume Quest, Psychonauts, Stacking and paying more than the current average will net purchasers Brutal Legend. Along with the beat-the-average reward of Brutal Legend, Double Fine has offered two additional rewards for those who are willing to shell out more money to help their cause.

Paying $35 or more will allow purchasers a preorder copy of Double Fine’s Broken Age, their most recent project that was met with a great reception via Kickstarter. $70 or more will net you all the previous reward tiers, as well as a Double Fine Productions t-shirt.

The Humble Double Fine Bundle will run for the next two weeks, but as always, those interested in netting some of the best games of the last decade for unbeatable prices, are encouraged to hop over to the Humble Bundle site earlier than later because the average price will surely continue to grow by the hour.


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