Who hasn’t heard the infamous Imperial March, which first debuted during ‘The Empire Strikes Back’?  This song that originally was used to play as Darth Vader’s theme music has now showed up in other facets of our lives most notably as a track to play during sporting events.  For me it always signifies power and bad-assery.  I can’t help but be taken back to the good old days of Star Wars and see the menacing image of Vader marching towards his next Imperial victim each time I hear it.

A trained pianist has taken the Imperial March and played it in the classical style, which results in a much more subdued version of the tune.  It loses the dark tone and feels somewhat somber.  Instead of bringing visions of power and bad-assery I feel sadness and depression.  It’s a perfect version of the Imperial March to remind you how depressing the prequel trilogy is, and that Vader really is just a p*ssy in a costume.  Check it out below.  You’ve been wondering if the E.B. will ever get over those damn prequel films…


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