The iPad 2 is an Amazing Device but Don’t Give Up a Kidney For It!

I love my iPad 2 just like any other geek that has one, but never in my wildest dreams would I give up a kidney to get one if I couldn’t afford it.  Unfortunately, Zheng from Huaishan City in China had to do just that to score an iPad 2.  You see, this 17 year-old wanted an iPad 2 so incredibly bad that he sold off one of his kidneys to get one.  Yes you read that right!  Little Zheng couldn’t afford the iPad 2 with his traditional means of income, so he took to the seedy sections of the Internet and found a broker that could hock his kidney for a reasonable payout.  Zheng sold his kidney for $3,000.  As one would expect Zheng now regrets his decision as he’s experiencing a rapid decline in his health, but at least he has an iPad 2 right?

What a f*cked up world we live in eh?  How’s it even possible for a teenager to sell a kidney without parental consent?  That’s right, this is happening in China, so anything is possible in that land of opportunity!  Please note that the iPad 2 is a magical piece of technical gadgetry, but no piece of tech is worth selling body parts.  Well, maybe if it was a time machine, so something straight out of a sci-fi movie, but an iPad 2?  No thanks, I’ll keep my urine filtering devices in tact.  You’ve never known the lengths geeks will go to for their gadgets…


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