Apple’s next big event takes place on September 9th, and with it comes rumors and speculation about the next-in-line iPhone. While there are numerous speculations regarding a the new iPhone, the two biggest ones revolve around the camera. Apple is expected to announce that the 6S will include a 12 megapixel back camera and the ability to record video in 4K. These are big jumps for Apple, who has fallen a bit behind in the megapixel department when compared to its competition.

Other items expected to be announced include animated wallpaper, which Apple Watch users have already experienced, a Rose Gold color option previously only available for Watch users, and a screen flash for front-facing pics similar the Photo Booth effect on MacBooks.

Apple is also expected to announce the discontinuance of the C model iPhones. Rumors state that Apple has been working on a 4-inch iPhone, but aren’t quite there as far as capabilities go. The iPhone 5C is still currently available, but do to poor sales Apple will be pulling it from shelves in the near future. They are keeping the 5S available for those who prefer smaller sized phones until they are able to provide the power of the larger phones in a smaller package.

AppleTV users can also expect an announcement regarding a long-awaited upgrade to the hardware. Rumors indicate a slimmer design, A8 processor, more storage, Siri integration, and a full app store.

You can check out the Apple event online with any Apple device on September 9th at 10am Pacific.


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