The iPhone: World’s Most Expensive Game Controller

The iPhone is an amazing device that has revolutionized the mobile gadget scene.  Through its endless selection of apps, and genius engineering its more than just a phone.  It’s like the Swiss Army knife for geeks, but does your Swiss Army knife work as a video game controller?  Well, Magic Jungle Software has just made sure that video game controller is part of the iPhone’s repertoire.

With their game Chopper 2 for the iPad, iPhone users will be able to use their digital Swiss Army knife as a controller.  Through Bluetooth technology gamers can fly their little iPad choppers using their iPhones as a controller.  Pretty crazy right, but nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Apple products.

I guess through the iPad’s outputs you’ll also be able to play Chopper 2 on a 42in HD screen if the iPad isn’t big enough for you.  Check out the demos below.  Chopper 2 won’t be available until this summer.  You’ve been blown away by Apple yet again…

Chopper 2 on iPad


Chopper 2 on HDTV


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Via [Gizmodo by way of DistortedLoop]

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