The Joker Origins Movie Starring Joaquin Phoenix Gets a Solid Fan Made Trailer

Aldo Jones is usually known for making batshit crazy edits to popular geek movie trailer like Infinity War, but apparently he also has a knack for making well done fan trailers, as is the case with his latest project. Jones created a teaser for the Joaquin Phoenix starring Joker origins movie, and it’s actually pretty damn good at setting the stage for what this movie could be about. Again, this trailer isn’t tied to the official production, nor does Jones have any involvement with the project, he’s just speculating on what it may be about based on his own DC universe fandom and rumors.

Jones sets the stage in his Joker Origins trailer by using a Mark Hamill Joker narration from The Killing Joke. He then uses various bits of footage from other DC properties, as well as a shot of Phoenix from one of his films to complete the edit. Apparently he’s going with the theory that the Joker gets created after he shoots himself in the head? I know a bit of DC, but not the deeper workings, so I’m not sure if that has been a thread used in Joker comic books or not, but it sounds interesting to say the least.

Head on up above to check out the fan trailer for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Origins film!


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