The Justice League Intervenes in How Aquaman Should’ve Ended Parody

The How It Should Have Ended YouTube channel has released its take on how DC’s Aquaman movie should have ended, you know, the one that everyone thought would suck, made over a billion dollars.

That sentiment is actually explored in the parody too, but not before it reminds us of a few silly scenes that could’ve been changed to alter the outcome of the movie, and of course their take on its actual ending.

The parody starts by questioning why the Queen left Arthur in the first place, and then questions other major moments that could have been changed too. For example, the sub attack and how Aquaman left Black Manta and his Dad to die, or the scene where Meera and Aquaman hide in a whale’s mouth.

The end gets tackled too, at least the moment where Arthur decides to become King. The parody then goes full on into poking fun at Justice League and how its individual members are fairing much better in their solo films, than in the ensemble flick.

Head on up above to have a few laughs on the DC Cinematic Universe’s expense.

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