The Last Guardian’s Trademark Abandoned Again

The nature of Team Ico’s mysterious game, The Last Guardian, remains speculative today, as it appears that Sony has abandoned the game’s associated trademark.

According to Neogaf user Rösti posted the following:


Perhaps the most disheartening part of this news is that the trademark appears to have been dropped due to lack of use. Team Ico is notoriously silent when it comes to their projects, but Sony as well has been hush hush regarding The Last Guardian throughout its supposed development cycle.

This is not the first time that the trademark for The Last Guardian has run out, however. In 2012, reports came through regarding Sony’s abandonment of the trademark, which Forbes Contributor Erik Kain covered in-depth, reporting that a trademark running out didn’t mean that the game itself had been abandoned.

Hopefully, the same rings true with The Last Guardian’s trademark a second time.


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