‘The Last Jedi’ Deleted Scene Clip Shows Wildly Different Finn v Phasma Fight

A few weeks ago we revealed that Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s home release would pack in a whopping 14 deleted scenes, and among them was a different take on the Finn/Phasma duel that happens on the Supremacy towards the end of the film. Thanks to the latest episode of The Star Wars Show, we now can see exactly how different this fight played out.

In the deleted clip, which you can watch above, the conclusion of the fight goes down much differently. Rather than getting the upper hand on Phasma by riding up a lift, Phasma and a few troopers get an upper hand on Finn and surround him. While surrounded Finn reveals that Phasma gave up the Starkiller Base codes when threatened by him in an attempt to turn the troopers against her. At first it doesn’t appear to work, but a few of Finn’s former pals must know Phasma can be shady, because they start to tilt their heads towards her, at which time she blasts them all. Finn then runs towards her, cuts her hand off (awesome), and then blasts her into oblivion with a heavy assault blaster.

This take on the scene definitely offers a more definitive death for Phasma, because she literally gets blasted in the gut and flies away. In the actual scene, a case could be made that she’s not dead at all since we only saw her fell to an uncertain doom. Either way, I like seeing this alternate take, but I can understand why it was redone. It’s pacing is off for the time of the movie, so it does drag the action down a bit.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits digital HD next week on March 13th!


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