The Last Jedi Gets a New Ending Thanks to the ‘How It Should Have Ended’ Team

The How It Should Have Ended YouTube channel has released what could be considered its most sought after How It Should Have Ended animated parody bit to-date, and that’s because it’s for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The 7-minute long parody doesn’t just offer up a new ending either, it points out some of the film’s other questionable plot points, and either offers up new takes on them, or let’s them play out a bit further than what you saw in the actual film.

The parody starts off by poking fun at the Leia Poppins scene, and makes a great point about the vacuum of space and how it reacts when you open a hatch on a space ship with a gaping hole in it. The bit goes on to make fun of shirtless Kylo (image below for reference), the Canto Bight segment, the loss of Admiral Ackbar, and many other moments from the movie.

Of course the parody ends with an actual new ending for The Last Jedi, which is a bit silly, but it probably is the ending most of the angrier Star Wars fans would have wanted to see in the film. I think it’s funny if anything else, but like I said after the first time I saw The Last Jedi, I’m completely fine with how everything plays out, and quite enjoyed what Johnson cooked up. But that’s me, and you’re you, so if you want to see a new ending for The Last Jedi, then head on up above to check out HISHE’s take.


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