‘The Last Jedi’ Gets an Honest Trailer That Pokes More Fun at Fanboys Than The Film

The Screen Junkies have released their long awaited Honest Trailer parody for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and while it takes the typical Honest Trailer jabs at the film’s more curious moments, it mostly punches fanboys in the face for how they reacted to the movie in the first place. This Honest Trailer is probably the best parody style teardown of the divisiveness that this film caused in December when it first released in theaters. It perfectly highlights how insane some of the fanboy debates are that popped up around the film and still continue to this day, while also conceding a few legit plot issues.

I think the opening perfectly sums up The Last Jedi and its effect on Star Wars Nation:

In a polarized world, the next installment in a franchise all about balance and non-attachment will be worshipped, hated, and obsessed about until it’s not even fun to talk about anymore – It’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Am I right or what? I’m definitely fatigued over the debates that circle this film, and they have made it much less fun to discuss, even with close and long time Star Wars buddies. At least this Honest Trailer parody adds a bit of brevity to the polarizing situation, so head on up above and check it out.


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