The Last Jedi’s Iconic Duel Remade as a 16-bit Video Game

SPOILERS for The Last Jedi! You’ve been warned.

John Stratman has outdone himself yet again with another of his masterful retro video game portrayals of a pop culture property. In this new creation, John has recreated the now iconic duel between Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker from the end of The Last Jedi in 16-bit video game form. He basically turned the scene into a four plus minute long SNES Super Star Wars: The Last Jedi game, so yes it’s a brilliant work of geek art.

He picks up the scene as Luke heads out into the salt flats of Crait to take on Kylo and his imposing lineup of First Order war machines. Dialogue is captured with pop-ups, just like it would be if there really was a The Last Jedi SNES game. The short then ends with Luke’s transcendence to the Force.

You have to watch this now iconic Star Wars scene in 16-bit form for yourself, so head on up above and do just that. You can check out John’s other works on YouTube if you like what you saw.


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