The Last Leviathan Proves That Not All Early Access Games are Bad

Early access has been at best a “Mixed Bag” of quality when it comes to games. To say that early access is a flawed system is to put it lightly, because the lower quality games and the pretender developers are the first things we think of when we see the early access label. There is a sad truth that many don’t even hear about, great products with a solid foundation that get lost at sea and are never found. Today I want to bring light to one of these games and while this game has been covered quite a bit over the last few weeks it goes to show that we can’t completely write off early access.

The Last Leviathan¬†came to Steam’s early access platform June 22nd of this year and has already seen several updates as the developers show that they take the community seriously and want to make sure this game is always at its best. This game is all about building ships of your own design and throwing them out upon the high seas to battle pirates, or the games name sake, the Leviathan. (At the time of writing the Leviathans have not been implemented so my knowledge of their power, size, and overall impact is unknown at this time.)20160627151552_1

There are also several modes to this game, Voyage which I assume is going to be the main mode, currently is not available but it is the most interesting sounding. Building resources to make a better ship over time, and discovering treasure all sound like a fantastic way to spend a weekend. There is also a challenge mode called Battle Seas. In this mode you create a ship that must be under a certain power rating and depending on how you do you get stars showing off your battle prowess. A versus mode where you can fight the ships you have created yourself or take on other creators designs from the steam workshop is also present.

Speaking of which some of the designs on the workshop are both visually impressive and comical at times. The one I recommend you check out is the flying ship created by user Orange.20160627152134_1

Then comes what I felt like was the most fun currently, and the mode I recommend all players start with, the creative mode. You are given unlimited items of all verities to create the ultimate ship of your dreams, and if your anything like me you will make an uber ship that could cover all of Texas and in the end will sink because its too damn heavy.

Currently I have only spent a few hours with The Last Leviathan and will be checking it periodically for updates. This shining example goes to show you can’t judge a game just because you have been burnt by early access before. I will be doing more searching and would very much like to keep my readers abreast of any great games in early access so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below.


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