The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – What’s New Trailer

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD looks like it’s going to be a seriously kickass remake of the Gamecube/Wii classic, and that’s saying something, because the original was already pretty damn good. Twilight Princess seems to look a lot better already, just in the short trailers that we’ve gotten so far, and especially showcasing some of the cutscenes in this trailer, it looks really good, just as Wind Waker HD did when that finally came to the Wii U.

A slew of new features will also be available such as the obvious capabilities of the game pad, like using it to aim your bow and arrow, manage your inventory, and much more! You’ll also be able to get your hands on the Poe Lantern, though I’m not exactly sure if that’s going to do anything besides be a light source. The last new thing involves the new Amiibo, and allows players to tackle a gauntlet of challenges while playing as Wolf Link, which could make for an interesting challenge, because combat is much easier as Human Link, but it has the potential to be pretty cool!

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