The Making Of Metro Exodus – Episode Two

Metro Exodus is a game that is just packed full of blood, sweat, and tears from an extremely passionate team. I was a little worried until now that the game would feel a little too much like Fallout 4, but my worries are pretty much all gone now.

After watching the second of three episodes of The Making of Metro Exodus, and seeing how hard this game is being worked on, I cannot wait to play the game. I was worried it would be too open and lose the feeling of tension that the previous games has, where you’re so desperately trying to get to that next quiet moment. This game still looks like it has that, but just in a different setting, and I’m totally okay with that. I hate to compare shit to Dark Souls but i know very well how it feels to breathe that sigh of relief when you reach a new bonfire, and this game has that exact same idea.

Weapons get dirty in weather patterns, or in crappy terrain, and as a result, might not work as well. Your gas mask also gets cracked and messed up when you get in a scrap, and you have to repair that when you get to a work bench. Cleaning and repairing should be the first thing you do when you hit that bench, and having fresh, well-working equipment is going to be a breath of fresh air.

I am so excited to dig into this game when it comes out, I wanna get totally lost in it. Check out the video above and let us know if you’re excited about the new entry and if you’re picking up the game!

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