The Man at Arms Creates Frostmourne in New Video

Frostmourne hungers

Tony Swatton, better known as the Man at Arms, has built a career for himself as the world’s premier weapon smith when it comes to creating iconic blades from video games and movies.

Swatton’s weekly show, Man at Arms, features the craftman in his natural habit as he and his team tackle requests to create classic weaponry. In the newest Man at Arms video, Swatton and company recreate Frostmourne, the Lich King’s signature blade from the Warcraft universe.

Expertly created in the informative video, Swatton proves once more why he is the best in the business, showcasing his remarkable talents while informing viewers into the process.

As always, the highlight of the Man at Arms video comes during its conclusion, as the crew members showcase the destructive potential of Frostmourne in brilliant high definition.

New Man at Arms episodes can be found here every Monday.


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