The Most Epic Homemade Lightsaber VFX Duel Ever


Ryan Wieber is a filmmaker and VFX artist who creates awesome YouTube shorts to show off his craft. While digging through his channel we stumbled upon what could be the most epic VFX homemade lightsaber duel of all-time. The special effects are spot on, and easily some of the best for a YouTube lightsaber video. Ryan and his team nailed the lighting emanating for the blades and its effects on different surfaces, as well as the iconic hum and swoosh motion that results from a lightsaber in motion.

One would have to agree that Ryan and his partner probably aren’t stunt fighters by trade, but even the duel itself is intoxicating thanks to the cinematography and the choreography. The 5-minute long fight is easily on par with some of the lightsaber duels from the prequel films, albeit in a machine shop setting with two average joes representing the Jedi and Sith factions. Ryan incorporated dual sabers, a bo saber, as well as a few Force moves to really hammer home the Star Wars feel.

If you enjoy Star Wars and love lightsabers, then you must check out this epic battle for yourself. Head on down below to witness some creative geekery unlike you’ve ever seen before. Kudos to Ryan and his team for a job well done!

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