The New Destiny Titan Sunbreaker Class is Like Playing with Thor

Bungie unveiled Destiny: The Taken King at E3 2015, which is the latest expansion for the FPS MMO that will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS3 on September 15, 2015. The Taken King adds a whole new campaign experience, three new sub-classes, and two new PvP variants in Mayhem and Rift.

While at the show I was privy to a demo of the new PvP Rift match type, which is a variant on capture the flag that involves grabbing a spark in the middle of a map and returning it to your team’s base before being hunted down by the enemy team. During my hands-on experience I was in control of the new Titan sub-class, which is the fiery Sunbreaker. This new class is ideal for the tank-like Titans thanks to its supercharge ability that sets the player on fire and gives them a super powerful hammer that can be thrown at enemies just like another hammer made famous by the God of Thunder.


That’s right Marvel fans, it’s hard not to compare the new Sunbreaker class and its supercharge ability to Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor. When you enact the ability your Titan lights up with flames and is given the hammer, which can be aimed and thrown at enemy combatants. It aims just like using one of the Titan’s guns, so it’s not like you can just freely throw the hammer in any direction and find your mark. I would have loved this to be the case, because when you do find your target and strike them with the hammer toss it has devastating effects. A successful hit will almost always instakill your target, so having precise aim while using the time limited super ability is key in making the best use of it.


I found the Titan and the new class to be an ideal pair for the Rift multiplayer variant, especially if you like to defend the spark to score some additional points for your team. You see in Rift if you kill the enemy spark carrier you get points towards your team’s tally, which can help push you over the edge to victory. This mode, while heavily based on CTF, will not just simply allow a down spark to be picked up and taken by the other team, it just resets in the center of the map and both teams can go after it again, so defense is slightly different, but still important to score points for taking down the spark carrier.


Quite frankly, while playing as Titan-Thor, I totally began to wish that my personal character was a Titan and not a Hunter. The Sunbreaker class is awesome, and suits my tank style of play better than the new Nightcrawler sub-class for the Hunter class, which is a bit more of a nimbler Guardian overall. There was just something thrilling about going around the map on fire and tossing a devastating hammer at enemy players that gave me a sense of unlimited power that I haven’t experienced before while playing Destiny. I do have the game for both consoles, so I may use my experience with Destiny: The Taken King and its new sub-classes to start anew on the PS4, that’s how much I enjoyed utilizing the power of the Sunbreaker.

Destiny: The Taken King definitely looks to up the ante when it drops on September 15, 2015 for all console formats. I think the new campaign will breathe new life into the narrative aspect of Destiny, and the new classes and PvP modes will give players even more ways to take on all of the challenges presented in Bungie’s ever growing FPS MMO. Make sure to pre-order your copy of the expansion today!


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