Apple finally unveiled what they’re calling “The new iPad” today, and for the most part it’s definitely an upgrade compared to the iPad 2. The new iPad sports most of the technological improvements that many speculated on before its official announcement today.  It will have a retina display with 2048-by-1536 pixels of resolution, which will make it even more HD than high-end TV sets.  To pull off these visuals Apple has included the new A5X CPU, which offers 4X more graphical processing power than the A5 chip found in the 2 and 4S.  The last major details about the new iPad is that it also has 4G LTE capabilities for those users who want to access the Internet on the go, as well as a new iSight rear camera that can shoot in HD.

In addition to the new iPad reveal Apple also covered some of the upgrades to the iWork and iLife software that you can install on the device.  Both Garage Band and iMovie are getting major overhauls, which should be available today for download.  On top of the upgrades Apple also announced that iPhoto will be coming to the iPad platform today as well.  Most of these iLife apps will cost you $4.99, but if you already own them the new features won’t cost you a dime.  I was especially impressed with the new iPhoto for iPad, which basically gives you all of the features of the Mac OS X version in the palm of your hands.

The new iPad and all of its features will be available for pre-order sometime today.  Its price will be identical to what the iPad 2 costs las year during its initial rollout.  Users can go Wifi only for $499, $599, and $699 (16GB, 32GB, 64GB), while those who want the 4G package will be forking over $629, $729, and $829 for their new iPad model.  The official street date is March 16 for most of the world in regards to the new iPad, so if you want one I’d suggest pre-ordering as soon as Apple opens the window.

For all of the new iPad details I suggest heading over to Apple’s site, because it offers them up in the best looking fashion.  It might not be called the iPad 3, but it definitely has some beefy guts when you compare it to the iPad 2, so I will be upgrading.  Call me a fanboy or whatever you’d like, but I know that the new iPad will be a great investment even though I already have the 2, so I feel no shame in purchasing the new iPad.  I’ll let you know how it goes once that sexy little box shows up on my doorstep!  You’ve been trying to pretend that the new iPad isn’t better than the iPad 2, but you’re wrong…


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