There’s been many Marvel rumblings over the past few days about the rumored SDCC reveal of the next major Marvel movie franchise – Guardians of the Galaxy.  The Latino Review broke this story, and they’re claiming that a Guardians movie will happen in 2014 after the release of Iron Man 3Thor 2, andCaptain America 2.  They’re also claiming that it’ll lead directly into the Avengers sequel, which is slated for a 2015 release.  We shall all know if this is pure BS or not once the SDCC kicks off mid-July.

I for one need to do my homework, because I don’t even know who these futuristic Guardians are.  I’m seeing racoons, trees, and green beings, so I’m intrigued to learn what these characters are all about.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to catch up on all of the comic book lore out there, but I do my best.  Dedicated Marvel fanboys please feel free to enlighten me by using the comments section below.  You’ve been wishing there was a Clif’s Notes version of all of the Marvel comic book franchises…


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