The NFL 2017-18 Season Gets a Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Recap

The Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel have released this year’s redubbing of the soon-to-be over NFL season, and as expected it’s perfectly weird. This gimmick has been done many times over these days, but there’s just something brilliant and overly hilarious about having people’s lip movements dubbed over with complete nonsense. This trick works so well because the players’ mouthes really do look like they’re forming the insanity that the BLR team dubs over their actual voices. Every player, coach, fan, cheerleader, ref comes off as if they’re on a break from the loony bin, because nothing they say makes a bit of sense, but that’s the magic of these lip reading bits. Too bad every NFL game broadcasts aren’t like this every Sunday.

Anyway, before the NFL season wraps this evening, make sure to check out the redubbed version of the league’s latest season above.


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