‘The Office’ to Conclude After Nine Seasons

Today NBC announced that it’s long running TV sitcom The Office will end after this 9th and final Season.  Despite the series being the highest rated show for the network, the decision to end the show was made due to the contracts ending for most of the key cast members after this season.  Executive producer Greg Daniels said that this was “the last chance for us to go out together and to make an artistic ending”.

As a huge fan of The Office since the beginning, I was bummed to learn this was the final season, even though I knew it was just around the corner.  That being said, I can appreciate a producer that chooses to end a series on a high note, and tries to wrap up any lingering story lines versus trying to milk a series for cash while running it into the ground.  Only time will tell how the series will wrap up, but Daniels says there are many surprises for the final season, and says the writing can be more liberal since the series is not returning.

One particular point to note is that Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has signed on to direct one episode of the final season. At this point there is no word whether he will guest star, but it should be interesting none the less.

So be sure to tune into NBC on Thursday, September 20th at 9 PM EST for the premier of the final season.  Who knows what office hi-jinx Jim will pull on Dwight in this final season. You’ve been thinking Dunder Mifflin would have been an awesome place to work…


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