The Old Republic is Begging Me to Become an MMO Gamer – Jedi Progression Trailer

I’ve never officially dedicated myself to a popular MMO like WoW, or more recently DC Universe Online, because I’ve feared what it may do to my already addictive gaming personality.  You see, I’m not going to sit here and make fun of MMO players and call them ultra-nerds, or other derogatory names reserved for the socially retarded, because I think their obsessions with MMO’s are intriguing.  I too dedicate a large chunk of my free time gaming, but I keep it limited to the console space.  You see, I’m no fool.  I know exactly what an MMO like Star Wars: The Old Republic could do to a gamer who also is a Star Wars fanboy, and it ain’t pretty!

For this reason alone I will probably not play Bioware’s upcoming Star Wars MMO.  It’s not because I don’t enjoy what MMO games have to offer, rather it’s a case of trying to save my own life.  After watching the latest trailer for the game, which details the progression of the Jedi class, I think I’ve made the right decision.  The Jedi action just looks fantastic, and what self-respecting Star Wars geek hasn’t wanted to take on the role of a Jedi from the start of their training until they’ve become Masters?

That’s exactly what this trailer promises, as well as show you how smooth looking SWTOR looks while your Jedi avatar lays waste to his foes.  I love how each progression, or level increase gets reflected in your character’s uniform as well as weapon.  If you’re a Jedi wannabe like myself you’ll love some of the animations in this trailer of the Jedi building his new lightsaber.  Plus it’s funny to see how lowly some of the Jedi’s tools are until they progress.  I’m talking sticks for lightsabers kind of low.  Check it out below.  This trailer definitely made an impact on me, but I still think I’m going to keep my gaming hat out of the MMO rodeo, because I know I’d be the dummy you read about who died at his PC playing SWTOR.  You’ve been digging the Jedi way of life…

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Jedi Knight Progression


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