The Order: 1886 was released amid controversy last month, with gamers begrudging the game’s length and extremely limited replayability. The brutally honest team at Smosh Games took notice of Ready At Dawn’s hotly debated title and recently turned their critical eye towards The Order: 1886The result, seen above, is an honest trailer about all of the game’s shortcomings.

In the honest trailer, The Order: 1886’s decision to limit player control and focus on impressive visuals is put under a critical — and funny — microscope. Narrated perfectly, the trailer picks apart many of the game’s controversial elements in a humorous manner.

Topics covered range from the aforementioned visual presentation, aspect ratio issues, quick time events, and cutscene over saturation. Even if you’re a big fan of The Order: 1886, it’s hard no to at least chuckle while watching Smosh Games‘ Honest Trailer.


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