Just from the look on the faces of the Orchestra composing the powerful music for The Order 1886 it is plain to see they have a very clear goal. That goal is to scare the bejesus out of absolutely anyone playing, and if the sounds we have already heard are much to go by, then that goal is not too far off.

Galahad has a multitude of foes to face, and all of them want to kill him in gruesome ways. Music is more than just an afterthought here, one could even argue that it makes for an entire gameplay element. The Order 1886 seems to heavily rely on atmosphere and so the audio you here is going to be of paramount priority.

The Order 1886 will be available on PlayStation 4 from the 20th of February. More on The Order is sure to be released between now and then, so keep popping back to for more on the thrilling action horror from the studios of Ready at Dawn.


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