The Order: 1886 Launch Trailer is Action Packed

The Order 1886 has nearly arrived – with press reviews released today – and it brings with it an awesome launch trailer loaded with shouting, explosions and true, raw emotion.

In the game, players assume the role of Sir Galahad, a professional hunter of monsters and defender of humanity, as he fights multiple assailants with his team of fellow knights, all of varying skills and personalities. The Victorian era game dunks players in the thick of an all out war between man and beast, in what may well be gaming’s most cinematic event of 2015. Expect a deeply engrossing, emotional story from the genius minds behind the God of War saga.

If the words above were not enough to garner your interest, take a look at the fantastic new trailer above that condenses The Order 1886 into one and a half minutes of total insanity.

The Order 1886 is available February 20, 2015


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