The Outer Worlds Review – Better Than Recent Fallouts

Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds as been out in the wild for almost two weeks now, and just in case you haven’t heard any of the praise for this gem, I now have my own to lump upon it.

This probably is a title that you didn’t even have on your radar in 2019, so its high early review marks may have taken you by surprise a bit. After finally getting time to sink into it, I can confirm that it’s as great as advertised, and it’s easily the best Fallout/Skyrim type of game of this console generation. If it were’t for the impending release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, I’d probably play this game all the way through 2019 and into 2020, because it has that ability that certain games do to grab ahold of you and not let go until 100s of hours of your life have been devoted to it.

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Hey now fans of Fallout games that aren’t from Bethesda, Matt Heywood here to review The Outer Worlds, or what I like to call a helluva great time. 

What’s there to say about The Outer Worlds at this point in time that hasn’t already been said. Yes, it’s as good as the early reviews have stated. Yes, it’s hard not to frame it around games like Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas. Yes, it has great humor and an insane amount of player choice. Yes, you could play it multiple times and experience brand new narrative elements. And yes, you should definitely plan on playing it at some point in time. 

That’s because The Outer Worlds is just a damn good game, and even if it doesn’t break new ground in the action-RPG genre, it still manages to create an intoxicating gameplay experience that is hard not to lose yourself in. 

For all intents and purposes it definitely plays like a Fallout title, it even has a VATS-like combat feature, but it has an addictive quality like a Skyrim, especially when it comes to the variety of quests you can unravel if you spend some time exploring and talking to NPCs.

I just couldn’t help but be reminded of my time spending hours on end just aimlessly exploring, yet thoroughly enjoying the world of Skyrim, while playing The Outer Worlds.

It has that gaming magic to it where you find yourself negotiating extra play time with your brain, knowing full well you have important real life tasks to get to. 

The Outer Worlds just excels at wrapping you up in its Firefly-esque sci-fi world, which is largely due to the focus on dialogue and player choices that greatly affect how a particular playthrough plays out. 

The decisions you have to make are huge, and they definitely can make you feel the choices in your soul. You lliterally decide the fates of full communities, and there’s no real easy way to choose who ultimately lives and dies, so the game does a great job at making choice matter, and then reflecting said choices in each player’s unique journey. 

The importance of dialogue and choice also carries over into the game’s companion system, which like Mass Effect tasks you with taking two companions with you every time you leave your ship for a mission. Each companion has a deep backstory that you can uncover by talking to them between missions, and you’ll even get missions that require certain characters to complete, so they truly become a part of your experience, making the game’s world feel even more alive and impactful. 

The real magic of The Outer Worlds though is its no bullshit approach to gameplay. There are no mechanics to slow you down, meaning no dumbass mini-games or other gimmicks to inject gameplay moments into the formula. 

This game is all about narrative and exploration, so you spend almost all of your time talking to characters to get more quests and clues, and then pursuing said quest and clues by exploring large open maps that are full of other interesting items and characters that can lead to additional quests or story beats. 

The game just does a great job at keeping you on task, and keeping each task meaningful. I didn’t feel like any quest I took on, would be a waste of time, which only further encouraged me to pursue every dialogue branch from every character was willing to talk to me. 

If you have fond memories of playing Skyrim for 100s of hours, or love the good Fallout games, then The Outer Worlds needs you. It’s definitely one of those stealth surprise hits that no one really had on their radar, but should now, because the buzz you’ve been hearing about it is legit. 

If it weren’t for Fallen Order dropping next week, I’d probably plan on playing at least one more play through of The Outer Worlds, because it’s that damn entertaining, and its choice system can yield a whole new experience. 

Don’t miss out on this 9 out of 10 type of action-RPG. To me, it’s the best Bethesda style game since Skyrim, and it puts that studio’s recent efforts to shame. 

Thanks for watching, please considering subbing to the channel if you liked this review. I’m Matt Heywood signing off for Entertainment Buddha, where we make you a better geek, one post at a time. 

Review Summary

Story - 9
Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 8
Sound - 9
Entertainment Value - 9.5



Yes, you should play The Outer Worlds, it's that much fun, no need for more words to explain that fact.

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