The Persona Series Gets Its Lore Explained Quickly, Hilariously


The Shin Megami Tensei franchise has long been known for its larger-than-life stories, and the spin-off series, Persona, is certainly no different.

The popular YouTube channel, LORE, which has built a tremendous following for itself by deciphering the lore and backstory of many popular games in a speedy fashion, has attempted to make the world of Persona a bit easier to understand in their newest video – ‘Persona Lore in a Minute!’.

The speedy video highlights the background events of the series, starting with the game’s overarching plotline of a bet between Nyarlathotep and Philemon over the nature of human beings. With this as a primer, the LORE team quickly – and quirkily – illustrates the majority of key moments in Persona and its sequels.

The LORE channel is a great watch for those who have always wanted to know a little bit more about their favorite series of games. With hilariously cute animations to accompany the narration done by YouTube heavyweights, each quick video is certainly worth a watch. Be sure to check out the Persona lore video below.

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