The Phantom Limb Level Pack for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Live

PlayStation owners rejoice! The Phantom Limb, the newest DLC content for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is now available as a completely free download – as long as you have the game on PS3 or PS4, that is.

The Phantom Limb follows a shipwrecked C-3PO after the events of the Trouble Over Taul level, a new journey chronologically placed in the timeframe leading up to the film. The origins of C-3POs red arm will certainly be unveiled, as well as some pretty interesting insight to his reunion with the Resistance. Here’s a full list of what comes included with the add-on: The Phantom Limb (level), C-3PO (Taul), 2MED2, CO-34, GNK-189, MSE-Y, O-MR1 (Taul), PZ-99 (Taul), VL-44 (Taul), CR90 Corvette (full-size vehicle), and CR90 Corvette (microfighter vehicle).

With the narrative weight out of the way, the trailer above shows their exemplary sense of humor and makes The Phantom Limb‘s content all the more alluring. And a $0.00 price tag and an already well-established history of quality gameplay makes it hard to justify avoiding this one.

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