The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Duke it Out in This Great Infographic


Video game fans are no strangers to console wars. For as long as there have been various video game consoles competing for a control over the market, o too have there been fanboys and the like hotly debating the superiority of their preferred machine.

As the release of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One rapidly approach, the debate between the two consoles seems to be more intense than ever. Each console stands tall on its own merits, but between the two, no true champion seems to stand out.

The team at Xpango took a very deep and very informative look at the two upcoming consoles and put their merits to the test. The resulting comparison is presented in an interesting, old-school boxing styled inforgraphic.

The infographic goes through each category that the systems should be judged on, including tech specs, design, controllers, and exclusive video game titles.

Find out which console truly takes home the advantage for yourself.

[Infographic] The Big Showdown! Xbox One vs PS4


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