The Power of the Force Hollow Is On Display In Latest Darksiders III Trailer

THQ Nordic has released a new gameplay trailer for Darksiders III to show off Fury’s Force Hollow form, which allows her to concentrate energy and focus her attacks with deadly precision. It also turns scorn into a big ass hammer that can lay waste to anything that comes in contact with it. Scorn can also magnetically suck random debris and items from the map to concentrate it into a ball of death. You can check out Fury’s Force Hollow form in action above.

About Darksiders III

The Force Hollow allows Fury the collection and precise focusing of energy into concentrated attacks. With Scorn taking on the appearance of a giant hammer, Fury can shatter her enemy’s defenses and inflict severe damage. Scorn can also act as a focal point for magnetic attraction–allowing Fury to draw in energy, rubble, and even enemies, before releasing it all in a single explosive burst. With great effort, Fury can even maintain this magnetic sphere to traverse walls and ceilings.

Darksiders III is set for release on November 27, 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One! A PRE-ORDER campaign for special discounts and early access to exclusive content was designed to reward a fanbase, who are eagerly awaiting to once again smash demons to pieces.


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